The odd job year

After I left Gibson’s I had quite a bit of money saved and decided that I would have fun.  Well, money didn’t last very long at that time when ‘fun’ mostly involved driving all over hell’s half acre gas for the car alone ate up a lot of savings.

Making ends meet during that time meant working a lot of jobs pretty much all at the same time – sometimes overlapping, sometimes not – all very part-time.  Not in chronological order – the jobs I did that summer were…

Cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken

This job SUCKED…so hard. You don’t want to know what goes into the gravy.  The people there were weird, the benefits were discounted chicken…and this was at a time before they had anything but chicken on the menu – classic recipe fried chicken, and french fries.

Being the guy that has to clean the grease trap in a commercial kitchen blows…when that commercial kitchen has 15 deep fryers it’s even worse. Yuck.

Pizza delivery man and prep cook @ Louis Pizzeria

Louis used to be a local legend.  Turns out the guy who bought it from the family that started it was a total idiot.  This job actually worked out pretty well for me since I pretty much just had to drive around town with pizzas.  This was at a time before we had any chain pizza joints in our small town, so Louis was it.  It all ended for me however when my car got totalled as I was waiting to pull into a driveway to deliver a pie…some guy in a ’81 Lincoln Continental rear-ended me @ about 40 MPH. I was driving my Mercury Topaz…it was toast.

Pumping gas @ Esso

This was in the time of full service gas stations – we didn’t have a self serve station in our town until several years later.

Cook @ The Loft

My boss barb was a hoot.  Some old girl that had scraped enough together to buy this dodgy restaurant/bar on the outskirts of town.  She thought she was something else…and boy did she think she could cook – I could imagine this woman being one of the ‘difficult’ owners on a show like Kitchen Nightmares.

Leadership lessons from the year of living without a steady paycheck:

Most important – there’s always work if you’re willing to do it so don’t be afraid.  The worst thing that can happen is that you get fired.  Sometimes that leads to crazy awesome opportunities.